Joseph Secody (Navajo) 21 years old. Born and rasied on the Navajo Nation. Grew up in Kaibeto, AZ and is now a husband to a beautiful wife and a father to a beautiful son. Joseph graduated from Page High School, class of 2013, and has attended coccoino community college for 2 semesters. he grew up going to many powwows with his mom and sister and has always been a visual learner and would immate any good dancer he sees. he would usually follow the grass dancers and do as the grass dancers did their dance. Joseph has been doing the Grass dance ever since he started walking. Hes also done Hip hop choreography in high school for four years, and picked up ballet a semester in college. the Hoop dance is the latest dance hes picked up and has been doing the dance for 3 years now. with in those three years he's accomplioshed many acheivements, he's appeared on Lake powell chronicle newspaper, Navajo Times, and other Native Publictaions. He's compteted at the Worlds Championship Hoop dance contest for the past 3 years and has stayed within the top ten in the world.  Tribes from South America, North America, and Canada come to this competition to compete for the world title of hoop dancing. Joseph loves to share his culture and trys to show as much people as he can of who he is and of what the hoop dance is. 
Tomas Hunt 

Tomas Hunt (Navajo and Dutch) born and raised on the Navajo Nation, began dancing at powwows and social gatherings from the time he could walk. In powwows, he would compete in various styles of dance, such as: the grass dance, chicken dance, and fancy feather dance. As he progressed and aged, his peers and elders encouraged him to learn a special style of dance called the hoop dance. By the young age of 13, he developed a passion for the dance. More so, he loved to share the origins and teachings with people from all over the world at various facilities such as The Navajo Village Heritage Center, Sander’s Into the Grand, Antelope Slot Canyon Tours, and Amangiri Resort. Being in the business of Native American performing arts for the past 8 years, he learned many of the Navajo teachings, stories and history from respected, Navajo elder, Storyteller and Historian Wally Brown. Tomas continues to share his art and teachings with those who are interested, whether it may be for education or simply entertainment.

Ranked 3rd in the Heard Museum's World Championship Hoop Dance Contest (teen division)

Grass Dance
Fancy Feather Dance
Chicken Dance
Hoop Dance
Native American flute playing
Storytelling/ Navajo Culture